I like many other PlayStation gamers, got caught by the trophy bug back on PS3, when they were first introduced after Sony ‘copied’ Microsoft. Being able to see all my digital achievements catalogued in one place to ‘show how great I am’ was wonderful. It’s an awesome feeling pinging that final trophy before unlocking an elusive (I say elusive – I have 195 right now) platinum shiny things.

Now, I have been a little quiet on the gaming front (if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen) since obtaining the platinum for Resident Evil 2. No game has really grabbed me, and there is nothing out there right now that makes me think ‘I am ready to sink 40+ hours into this world’. However, I still have a hankering for that ‘ping’…

Step up Ratalaika Games, a publisher specialising in porting and creating fun, bite sized and challenging titles for PS4 & PSVita with one HUGE selling point… Easy platinum trophies…

I am aware a lot of people have ‘bad feelings’ towards easy platinums, but I don’t care… I’ll game how I want! (I have plenty of easy platinums, and plenty of extremely hard ones, it’s all for good fun, in my opinion). And over the past few days have had a blast playing their last two releases; Metagal and Super Weekend Mode. Having achieved platinums on both (& for PS4 and PSVita on both too) I thought I would write some words about each to let you know how they were.


Imagine Megaman having a lovechild with, um, Megaman… Metagal is basically that! A tough little platformer where the aim is to get to the end of each level and defeat the associated boss GAL sister. In doing so, you unlock her power to add to your skill set and aid you in tackling the progressively harder levels.

Not all levels are unlocked to begin with, initially you have a choice of four, each with a unique setting and style. It’s a very cool looking game – reminding me a lot of classic 16-bit titles like Sparkster on the Mega Drive.

The controls are your standard platforming setup, being easy to understand and responsive enough that you don’t get annoyed after falling into the lava, AGAIN.

Trophy wise, NOTHING is taxing in the slightest. Essentially you need to complete the tutorial and a single level in order to ping-the-platinum. It shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes, however, it is a decent little title and one where I am certain you’ll try and best a few more levels after getting the big one!

Super Weekend Mode

Bit of an odd one this. It is like a cross between Space Invaders, where you need to shoot the boss at the top of the screen, and Coconut Dodge, as you also need to catch hearts, all the while dodging Skulls and decapitated rabbit heads. Once the boss is dead, you move onto the next, difficulty increased, level.

As you progress different coloured hearts are introduced for you to catch, that react different to standard red hearts (for example, blue hearts move from left to right as they fall).

One word of advice… READ THE TUTORIAL! Otherwise, you won’t get it. Well, I didn’t until I went through the how-to’s. You control two paddles at the bottom of the screen, one with L1 and the other R1. It hurt my brain a little wanting to move the left paddle right, but having to press L1… After a while it clicks and the trophies start popping.

It is a little harder than Metagal as you have to complete three levels to unlock all the metallic rewards, and it can prove quite hard – even on the easiest setting. You also get to pick a different character at the start of the game, each with a unique skill. One of them looks quite familiar…

Overall Super Weekend Mode sits well with the rest of the Ratalaika titles. It is fun, a bit of a challenge, but ultimately an easy platinum and a nice way to pass 30 minutes or so and still feel like you have achieved something.

What do you think about easy platinums, or have you tired these games and enjoyed them too? Let me know, and THANK YOU FOR READING! โˆ†\

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